Policy Number: 11-009

Eligibility for Rehire

Category: Human Resources

Responsible Executive: Vice President for Human Resources

Responsible Office: Human Resources

1. Policy Statement

This policy establishes the general guidelines for the University of Florida Human Resources (UFHR) determining whether a TEAMS employee is eligible for rehire subsequent to any type of separation from UF employment. 

2. Applicability

This policy applies to all current and future TEAMS employees. 

3. Definitions


4. Policy Specifics

This policy provides general guidelines and clarify for identifying and determining rehire eligibility of TEAMS employees who leave the University and later apply for reemployment.

This policy provides added transparency for the benefit of TEAMS employees who leave the University regarding their rehire eligibility.

Personalized Rehire Eligibility Information

As of the effective date of this policy, UFHR will inform TEAMS employees who leave UF of their rehire eligibility in their separation letter, whenever one is issued. Those not issued a separation letter (or those who may have misplaced their separation letters) can contact UFHR Talent Acquisition & Onboarding with any questions about their rehire eligibility.

TEAMS employees who left UF prior to the adoption of this policy can contact UFHR Talent Acquisition & Onboarding, should they have any questions about their rehire eligibility. See contact information in Section 5 below.

Irrespective of rehire eligibility, any former TEAMS employee who applies for reemployment at UF should undergo the same robust and thorough reference and background checks as any applicant. Hiring authorities should make no assumptions and draw no conclusions, positive or negative, about prior UF employees.

Rehire eligibility is no guarantee of future re-employment.

Rehire Eligibility Guidance

a. Good-Standing Separations

TEAMS employees who are in good-standing at the time their employment ends with UF (whether via resignation, retirement, time-limited ending, non-reappointment, or lay off) are eligible for consideration for reemployment; however, some defined waiting period may apply (g., rehiring retirees requires a 6-month break in service).

Generally, to resign or retire in good-standing, a TEAMS employee should do all of the following: (a) offer appropriate notice (4 weeks for exempt employees, 2 weeks for non-exempt employees); (b) continue to perform satisfactorily for the duration of the notice period; (c) meet the minimum standard of having worked in their current position for at least six (6) months; and (d) not be resigning or retiring in lieu of or in anticipation of an investigation, discipline, non-reappointment, or dismissal.

Generally, TEAMS employees who have their employment terminated due solely to a time-limited ending or a layoff are also considered to have left the University in good-standing. To maintain the good-standing presumption, TEAMS employees must continue to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities, maintain appropriate attendance practices, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner throughout the end of their employment period.

TEAMS employees who have received a probationary dismissal or have been non-reappointed who have not engaged in behaviors that contradict a separation in good standing (see below) are generally considered to have separated the institution in good-standing and are eligible for rehire.

b. Separations of Employees Who are Not in Good Standing

Former TEAMS employees who leave the University in any way other than in good-standing may have restrictions or defined waiting periods before they are eligible for consideration for re-employment. Restrictions and waiting periods are case-specific. If any such conditions apply, these will be explained in the employee’s separation letter, if one is issued. Employees can contact UFHR Talent Acquisition & Onboarding with any questions about their rehire eligibility.

Examples of conduct that may result in an employee leaving not in good standing include: for-cause termination; job abandonment; resignation or retirement in lieu of anticipated investigation, dismissal, non-reappointment, or discipline; separation by legal agreement; substantiated misconduct; criminal conviction impacting UF or ability to perform job duties, etc.

Employee Requests for Exemptions to Rehire Eligibility Restrictions

Any former TEAMS employee who has been given a designation requiring a defined waiting period of more than one (1) year may submit a written request for an exemption to the rehire eligibility restrictions placed on them. Such requests for exemption should be directed to the Vice President for UFHR.

In the written request, the former TEAMS employee must show a compelling reason to be considered eligible for reemployment, such as satisfactory work experience elsewhere since their separation from UF. For individuals who have been deemed indefinitely ineligible for rehire, such individuals must demonstrate a minimum of five (5) years employment since leaving UF.

All written requests must provide a compelling reason for altering the individual’s rehire eligibility, explaining why the University should consider their reemployment and providing details explaining how the former employee would contribute to the University in a positive and productive manner.

The Vice President, or designee, reviews requests for exemptions on case-by-case basis. All decisions are final. If a request for an exemption is declined, the former TEAMS employee may submit a new petition one (1) year from the date of the denial of the request. There is no appeal process.

Requests should be clearly labeled: Request for Exemptions to Rehire Eligibility Restrictions and can be sent to:

UFHR – Office of the Vice President
PO Box 115000
(352) 392-1075

5. Review and Adjudication

The following department is responsible for overseeing implementation of, and assuring compliance with, this policy. Questions about the policy or to report suspected violations should be directed to:

UFHR – Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
PO Box 115002
(352) 392-2477 (2HRS)

6. Policy Violations

Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Additional Resources

For additional information about UFHR Employment Operations and Records and UF hiring practices, visit: http://hr.ufl.edu/manager-resources/recruitment-staffing/

For information about the impact of employment termination has on UF benefits, visit: http://hr.ufl.edu/benefits-rewards/time-away/other-types-of-leave/termination-procedures/.

Standing at End of UF Employment Nonexclusive Examples
(See Rehire Eligibility Guidance)
General Rehire Eligibility
Good Standing
  • Lay-off
  • Time-limited ending
  • Probationary dismissal
  • Resignation
  • Non-reappointment
  • Retirement
Eligible for immediate rehire, unless waiting period designated.

Note for Resignation: Eligible for immediate rehire, if at least 6 months of service has been completed in current position

Note for Retirement: Not eligible for rehire for at least 6 months from last day worked

Not in Good Standing
  • Job abandonment
  • For-cause termination
  • Criminal conviction impacting UF or ability to perform job duties
  • Separation by legal agreement
  • Substantiated misconduct
  • Resignation
  • Probationary dismissal
  • Non-reappointment
  • Retirement or resignation in lieu of anticipated investigation, dismissal, non-reappointment, or discipline
Not eligible for rehire on an indefinite or defined basis. 

Letter of separation details circumstances on individual basis.

Such employees may request an exemption for a compelling reason.




History: Adopted 10-1-2018