General University Governance

The Florida Constitution provides that “a board of trustees shall administer each public university and a board of governors shall govern the state university system.” Under this authority, the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) established procedures for adopting university regulations.

Regulations Versus Policies

The BOG defines university regulations as “statements of general applicability to guide the conduct or action of constituents or the public, adopted by the university boards of trustees that implement its powers and duties. Regulations must be consistent with law and the resolutions and strategic plan of the Board of Governors.”

University Policies are official University of Florida directives establishing standards of organizational and individual conduct. University Policies must comply with applicable laws and regulations and are deemed necessary or appropriate by University leadership. Each has broad applicability University-wide or across more than one college, department, or unit (versus a single College or Unit), and all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, vendors, and visitors must comply with all applicable University Policies. A University Policy may expand on, but may not conflict with, a University Regulation.