Policy Template

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Number[Generated by University Policy Group]
Title[Determined with input from Policy Consultation]
Responsible Executive[Select from list provided in footnote[1] below]
Responsible Office[Based on definition from the Policy on Policies]
  1. Purpose [Brief summary of the policy including its purpose, authority, and connection to the University’s mission, vision, values, or strategic plan. This section should not include any substantive details of the policy.]
  2. Applicability [Identify to whom the policy applies from these categories: Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractors, Vendors, Volunteers, Visitors, Guests, University Direct Support Organizations, or University Affiliate Entities.]
  3. Definitions [Define terms that are unique to this policy or have the potential to be vague or confusing.]
    • Defined Term means [insert definition]
    • Defined Term means [insert definition]
  4. Policy Statement [Provide the policy specifics including all substantive aspects of the policy, any exceptions to the policy, and consequences for not following the policy. While the section format in this template is mandatory, the subsections and subtitles in the Policy Statement section will vary based upon the nature, size, and complexity of the policy itself. Use subsections and subtitles to organize the information and facilitate understanding.]
    • 4.1. Sub-Heading 1
      • 4.1.1. Tertiary Heading 1
      • 4.1.2. Tertiary Heading 2
    • 4.2. Sub-heading 2
  5. References and Related Information [Include references/hyperlinks to authoritative sources including applicable federal and state laws, Board of Governors regulations, UF regulations, and related UF policies. Also include references/hyperlinks to relevant internal guidelines, procedures, forms, and training.]

History: [Example = History: New 9-1-2013, Amended 7-12-2017 (administrative), Reviewed 9-1-2018 (no amendments), Amended 8-16-2022 (substantive).]


-Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
-Vice President, Advancement
-Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources
-Vice President, Business Affairs
-Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Privacy Officer
-Vice President and Associate Provost, Enrollment Management
-Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
-Vice President and General Counsel
-Vice President, Government and Community Relations
-Senior Vice President, Health Affairs and President, UF Health
-Vice President, Human Resources
-Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
-Vice President, Research
-Vice President, Strategic Communications and Marketing
-Vice President, Student Life