Policy Number: 4-004


Category: Business Affairs

Responsible Executive: Vice President for Business Affairs

Responsible Office: Business Services

  • 1. Purpose: This policy governs the issuance and use of the official University of Florida (“University”) Identification, the GATORONE ID.
  • 2. Applicability: Enterprise wide.
  • 3. Definitions:
    • Campus: any land or building within the state of Florida which is owned, occupied, or controlled by the University.
    • Employee: an individual hired by the University to include Academic Personnel, TEAMS, USPS, LEO and OPS (non-student).
    • GATORONE ID: The University issued identification including the ID holder’s name, photograph, relationship with the University, and UFID number if applicable.
    • ID Holder: an eligible individual to whom a GATORONE ID is issued.
    • Retirees: All employees who have retired from the University and have their retirement status verified by the University Human Resources Department.
    • Spouse or Domestic Partner: A person of the same or opposite sex with whom an Employee, Student, or Retiree lives; and to whom they are emotionally committed, share a primary residence and share joint responsibilities for common welfare and financial obligations. Additional criteria can be found in the Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.
    • Student: An individual who is enrolled at the University; full-time or part-time, regardless of the number of hours or days attending classes.
    • University of Florida System: Any system, process, or procedure the University provides to GATORONE ID Holders to access University services or resources, such as library book check-out and ticket distribution.
    • Vendors and Affiliates: Any person or organization authorized by a University department for a legitimate business or educational purpose and authorized to be on Campus unescorted and use University services and facilities for a specified period of time.
    • Volunteer: Any person who, of his or her own free will, provides services to the University with no monetary or material compensation, on a continuous, occasional, or one-time basis.
  • 4. Policy Statement:
    • 4.1 GATORONE ID Intended Use:
    • The GATORONE ID is intended for use as a visual and electronic identification, validation, and authentication credential for authorized access to University services and Campus, including services provided by third-party vendors. Possession of a GATORONE ID, however, does not itself convey any position or standing as an Employee or Student of the University.
    • The following is a non-exhaustive list of uses for the GATORONE ID:
      • • Ride the Regional Transit System (RTS) bus service;
      • • Redeem Meal Plans, Flex, or Declining Balance at University dining locations;
      • • Access Campus events or athletic activities;
      • • Transact business at the University Bursar;
      • • Utilize select recreational facilities or purchase an all-access RecSports membership;
      • • Access authorized buildings; and
      • • Access University library privileges (application is required for Retirees).
    • 4.2 Eligibility:
    • The following individuals or groups may be issued a GATORONE ID:
      • • Students;
      • • Employees;
      • • Retirees;
      • • Spouses or Domestic Partners of Employees, Students and Retirees;
      • • Vendors and Affiliates; and
      • • Volunteers.
    • The University requires all Employees and Students, except for those enrolled in UF Online or Dual Enrollment programs, to obtain a GATORONE ID. For more information, please visit UF Identity Services.
    • The University has delegated the following authority to the Assistant Vice President for Business Services or their designee:
      • • Issue a GATORONE ID, on an infrequent and temporary basis, to individuals or groups not otherwise eligible; and
      • • Determine the primary relationship of an individual with the University.
    • 4.3 Issuance of GATORONE ID:
    • Eligible individuals or groups may obtain a GATORONE ID either in person or online by visiting the GATORONE website.
    • 4.4 Fees:
    • Fees for the GATORONE ID are established by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the Florida Board of Governors Regulations and Florida Statute. Current fees are located on the GATORONE website.
    • 4.5 GATORONE ID Holder Responsibilities:
    • • ID Holders must maintain possession and control of their GATORONE ID while on Campus.
    • • ID Holders may be required to present a current GATORONE ID to verify identity, confirm affiliation with the University, or to gain access to University facilities, services, or events.
      • 4.5.1 Lost or Stolen Cards:
      • A lost or stolen GATORONE ID must be deactivated by the ID Holder through the GATORONE Management Portal. The ID Holder is responsible for any replacement fees or financial losses connected with the unauthorized use of their GATORONE ID .
      • 4.5.2 Misuse:
      • The following are examples of actions which the University may consider a misuse of the GATORONE ID and which could be subject to penalties specified under the Policy Violations in Section 5 below.
        • o Lending your GATORONE ID to someone else to use;
        • o Using, or attempting to use, someone else’s GATORONE ID;
        • o Holding a GATORONE ID as collateral or security;
        • o Using a GATORONE ID to gain, or attempt to gain, unauthorized access to University buildings, facilities, or services.
        • o Failing to present a GATORONE ID upon request by authorized Employees;
        • o Altering the picture or information displayed;
        • o Falsification of records which served as the basis for receiving a GATORONE ID;
        • o Encoding of tracks on the physical ID card; and
        • o Physical defacing, alteration or damage to the physical ID card.
    • 4.6 GATORONE ID Data Access:
    • Data contained in the GATORONE ID database is the property of the University. Usage of this data without permission from the GATORONE ID Office is prohibited and is subject to penalties, as appropriate.
  • 5. Policy Violations:
  • The GATORONE ID is the property of the University, not the individual ID Holder, and its use is governed by the University in its sole discretion.
    The University is authorized to impose appropriate penalties against those who fail to comply with this policy.
  • 6. Questions:
  • Questions about this policy or reports of suspected violations should be directed to:


History: New 1-17-2023, Amended 9-7-2023 (substantive).