Policy Number: 12-019

Management for Terminated & Transferred Employees Policy

Category: Information Technology

Responsible Executive: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Responsible Office: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

  1. Purpose The UF Account Management Standard requires that accounts and authorizations be promptly modified when a user’s job duties or employment ends. Many users retain affiliations upon termination of employment which prevent their Gatorlink account from being disabled (i.e. Alumni). Processes are in place to automatically remove assignable enterprise roles from the accounts of former employees. These procedures address removal of unit assigned enterprise roles, and permissions and authorizations controlled by unit-level mechanisms.

  2. Applicability This policy applies to all University employees.

  3. Definitions Unit: A part of the University of Florida that has administrative and financial duties to comply with the university’s information security policies.


A Security Role Verification Report is sent to the DSA of departments to which an employee transfers from within the university. The DSA is responsible for reviewing and updating enterprise security roles for transferred employees. Enterprise security roles that are no longer needed for the new position should be removed within three business days of the employee’s start date in the new department.


Locally granted permissions and authorizations that are no longer necessary are expected to be removed within 24 hours of an employee’s employment end-date. This includes permissions and group assignments within Active Directory, as well as any other systems or software controlled by the unit, including cloud services. Access to departmentally controlled resources must be terminated regardless of whether the access was granted to a Gatorlink or other account. If the terminated employee had access to accounts with shared passwords, the UF Account Management standard requires that the password for those accounts be changed to prevent use by the terminated employee.


Revision Date Description
June 22, 2020   Policy originally adopted
Policy updated