Policy Number: 11-020

On-Call Pay and Callbacks

Category: Human Resources

Responsible Executive: Vice President for Human Resources

Responsible Office: Human Resources

1. Policy Statement

This policy clarifies On-Call and Callback pay as set forth in UF Regulation 1.101 – Compensation. This policy provides additional information regarding the implementation of on-call and callback pay including eligibility. 

2. Applicability

This policy applied to TEAMS and USPS appointments. 

3. Definitions


4. Policy Specifics

On-call pay is an additional compensation paid at the discretion of vice presidents to staff positions. Employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will be compensated for on-call in a manner consistent with the CBA.

During off-duty hours, an employee who is required to carry a mobile communications device or leave word of where they can be reached and is required to respond to emergency signals or calls is considered on-call.

These employees may be compensated accordingly. On-call pay for the period an employee is required to be on-call during their regular work week is $2 per hour.

An employee who is on-call on Saturday, Sunday, and/or a university holiday or official closing may be paid at the rate of one-third (1/3) of the UF Hourly minimum wage for TEAMS and USPS employees per hour for each hour they are required to be available.

Callback pay for non-exempt employees is mandatory and is not awarded on a discretionary basis. Callback pay occurs when an employee is “called back” to perform work beyond the employee’s scheduled hours of work for that day, a minimum payment may be required.

Non-exempt USPS and TEAMS employees who are called back to campus or other appropriate worksites will be credited with either two hours or the actual time worked plus traveling time to and from the employee’s home—whichever is greater.

The two hour minimum payment is applicable to employees who are required to report to campus or work site. Non-exempt employees who respond to an emergency call but do not report to campus or other appropriate worksites must be paid for their actual hours worked but are not subject to a minimum payment.

For example, an employee who manages a building automation system may be called during their on-call assignment to modify the building automation systems. If the employee is able to modify the settings from a remote location, they would be paid for their actual hours worked. If the employee was required to report to campus or another work location, the employee would be credited with a minimum of two hours or their actual work time plus travel time – whichever is greater.

On-call payment is not interrupted when the employee is called back to work. During a callback, the employee is at work, paid normal pay, and continues to receive on-call pay.

Exempt USPS employees are eligible for regular compensatory leave should the total hours worked in a workweek in conjunction with a callback exceed 40 hours. Exempt TEAMS employees are not eligible for callback pay or regular compensatory leave, but supervisors are encouraged to adjust TEAMS exempt employees’ workweek when possible to compensate for the callback hours should the total hours worked in a workweek in conjunction with a callback exceed 40 hours.

Callback pay applies regardless of whether the employee has been placed on-call. These provisions do not extend or apply to academic personnel.

Payment for on-call is initiated in PeopleSoft’s Time & Labor process using the appropriate time reporting code.

Time Reporting Codes:

  • OCH 225-ON Call Week Day Diff Pay – OCW
  • OCH 230-ON Call Hol-Wkend Diff Pay – OCH

Payment of callback pay is initiated in PeopleSoft’s Time & Labor process using the appropriate time reporting codes.

For additional information please see UFHR – Time and Labor Toolkits

5. Review and Adjudication

The following is the department is responsible for overseeing implementation of and assuring compliance with this policy. This is who to contact with questions about the policy or to report suspected violations:

UF Human Resources
Classification & Compensation
903 W. University Ave.
PO Box 115009
Gainesville, FL 32611-5009
(352) 273-2842

6. Policy Violations

Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Additional Resources

UFHR – Time and Labor Toolkits

UF Reg. 1.0101, Compensation



History: Adopted 1-7-2023, Updated 3-1-2018, Updated 6-10-2019