Policy Number: 12-026

Spam Policy

Category: Information Technology

Responsible Executive: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Responsible Office: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

  1. Purpose This policy is targeted at sources of unwanted, unsolicited email (spam) external to the UF Network.

    Spam sent to University of Florida accounts is unacceptable and violates the terms of acceptable use of the University of Florida IT resources.  It disrupts the public workplace, is detrimental to our resources, and it is not welcome by our users.
  2. Applicability This policy applies to all electronic mail sent or received in the scope of employment at the university, or with the intention to conduct university business.
  3. Definitions Electronic mail (e-mail) is a computer-based application for the exchange of messages between users.
  4. Policy Statement All employees of the University of Florida must use a university provided or approved electronic mail service when conducting University business via electronic mail.
  • University of Florida electronic mail may not be automatically forwarded to a non-university provided or approved service.
  • University of Florida business must be conducted using an assigned ufl.edu email address.
  • Emails on the university mail system have the following default retention settings:
    • Inbox and Sent Items: 3 years from creation or receipt
    • Deleted Items: Purged after 30 days