Policy Number: 4-010

Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drones

Category: Business Affairs

Responsible Executive: Vice President for Business Affairs

1.    Purpose and Scope

Purpose – This policy discusses the restrictions and authorization process regarding the use of drones and other Unmanned Aircraft Systems on Campus.

Scope – Each individual or every group or organization intending to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drones on the University Campus is required to abide by this policy.

2.    Definitions

Campus: all University-owned, -occupied, or -controlled lands and buildings located within the state of Florida.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, also known as Drones (“UAS/Drones”): are defined by federal regulations as “the unmanned aircraft and all associated support equipment, control station, data links, telemetry, communications and navigation equipment, etc., necessary to operate the unmanned aircraft.”

3.    Required Approval for Use of UAS/Drones

The use of UAS/Drones on Campus is extremely limited and highly regulated.

No individual is permitted to operate a UAS/Drone on Campus without prior authorization through UF Environmental Health & Safety. Policies and procedures for obtaining such approval are located at: https://www.ehs.ufl.edu/about/policies/drones-unmanned-aircraft-system-uas-policy-requirements/ and https://www.ehs.ufl.edu/departments/occupational-safety-risk/drones-uas/.

4. Questions

Questions about this policy or reports of suspected violations should be directed to:
Environmental Health & Safety
(352) 273-2101


Revision Date Description
September 16, 2021 Policy Adopted
March 10, 2022 Added Section 4 contact info