Policy Number: 12-029

Wireless Network Policy

Category: Information Technology

Responsible Executive: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Responsible Office: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

  1. Purpose
  2. Applicability
  3. Definitions
  4. Policy Statement All organizations with wireless LANs already deployed shall contact UFIT or HealthNet Infrastructure, as applicable, for coordination. Ideally UFIT can, over time, work with all existing WLAN installations to incorporate them into the campus system. For more information, contact Saira Hasnain, Associate CIO at 273-1136 or emailĀ saira.hasnain@ufl.edu.

Organizations who are contemplating deploying WLANs must contact UFIT or HealthNet Infrastructure, as applicable, to assist in the configuration and deployment of their local wireless system and to incorporate it into the campus wide system. Per the University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy, individuals shall not implement their own network infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), routers, and hubs. If wireless devices that have not been installed in cooperation with UFIT or HealthNet Infrastructure are discovered attached to the network, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact the owner prior to disabling the network port to which it is attached. WAPs or network devices causing denial of service will be shut down immediately.

If it is not possible to integrate organizational WLANs into the campus system, or if a private WLAN is agreed upon, the following requirements shall be followed in the deployment of the WAPs:

  1. The Service Set Identifier (SSID) of the WAP shall NOT be set to ‘uf’. This is the SSID used by the University system. Use of this SSID near the campus wireless system could prevent users from accessing the campus system.
  2. The broadcast SSID feature of the WAP shall be disabled and the transmit power of the AP should be lowered, if possible, to only as high as needed to cover the desired area.

WLANs shall not be used in place of wired connections. WLANS shall only be used to provide service to mobile devices. UFIT or HealthNet Infrastructure should be contacted if there is a question about the viability of a WLAN installation.

Current WLAN technologies generally use unlicensed radio frequency ranges. Because these are unlicensed frequency bands, many other devices also operate in these bands, including other types of WLAN equipment. Use of these items on the University campus could negatively impact the UF wireless network. The use of these devices is not prohibited but, if a conflict is discovered, the department or individual using the device will work with the applicable LAN manager to determine an appropriate solution. Reasonable effort will be made to provide an alternative or a remedy to the problem but if the situation is irresolvable the University reserves the right to remove the offending device from service. If the device in question serves a critical need it may be given priority over the WLAN installation with the understanding that this may prevent WLAN use in the area.


July 14, 2011