Regulation Number: 1.0101

Research Integrity

Category: Research

Responsible Office: Vice President, Research




1.0101 Research Integrity

(1)     Integrity in scholarship and research is fundamental to the University of Florida’s mission of excellence in education, research, and service. The University and its faculty, staff and students must together ensure that violations of research integrity are dealt with efficiently and diligently in order to preserve and maintain the highest ethical standards of scholarly and research integrity.

(2)     The University is committed to integrity in research and scholarship and has set forth the principles and procedures for the University’s review and investigation of allegations of research misconduct and other violations of research integrity in its Research Integrity Policy (set forth at This Regulation and the Research Integrity Policy apply to allegations of violations of research integrity in connection with any research at the University of Florida, regardless of any sponsor or funding source.

(3)     The University shall follow the additional federal requirements published by federal agencies in regulations when investigating allegations of research misconduct in research activity sponsored by those agencies. As applicable, the University shall comply with those federal statutory or regulatory requirements (as set forth in Exhibit A to the Research Integrity policy “Federal Research Misconduct Policies”).

(4)     The University may take disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, upon a finding of a research integrity violation.

Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 5-23-96, Amended 3-30-07, 3-22-13, 3-17-17, 8-27-20.