Regulation Number: 1.202

University Bonus Plans

Category: Human Resources

Responsible Office: Vice President, Human Resources




1.202 University Bonus Plans.

(1)      The University of Florida may create Bonus Plans that authorize the award of Bonuses based on employee work performance or for purposes of recruitment and retention.

(2)     Definitions.

(a)     “Bonus” is defined as a one-time monetary award in addition to base pay given to an employee that has met the criteria of this Regulation and applicable Bonus Plan.

(b)     “Bonus Plan” is defined as a documented and properly approved plan that is consistent with this Regulation and Board of Governors Regulation 9.015 and sets forth the categories of employees who are eligible to receive Bonuses and the evaluation criteria by which Bonuses may be awarded.

(3)     Faculty, TEAMS, USPS, and Law Enforcement Officers are eligible to receive a Bonus, subject to applicable collective bargaining obligations. Individuals must be employed and in good standing with the University during the Bonus Plan time period and at the time a Bonus payment is made. Individuals are not in good standing for Bonus payment eligibility if, at the time the Bonus payment is made, they have:

(a)     received a notification of non-renewal, termination, layoff, or ending of time- limited appointment;

(b)     submitted a notice of resignation;

(c)     received a notice of written reprimand or suspension in the six months prior to the time the Bonus payment is made;

(d)     received an overall unsatisfactory evaluation in the preceding evaluation period; or

(e)     received and have not successfully completed a performance improvement plan.

(4)     The University may establish and implement one or more of the following Bonus Plans.

(a)     Work Performance Bonus Plans. Criteria for work performance Bonus Plans may include, but are not limited to, documented work performance involving increased duties or responsibilities, successful completion of a special project, attainment of established goals, superior performance, or specific achievements or assignments of significance.

(b)     Recruitment Bonus Plans. Criteria for recruitment Bonus Plans may include, but are not limited to, candidates with desirable specialized skills and exceptional experience, or where market conditions or departmental structure merit such a recruitment award.

(c)      Retention Bonus Plans. Criteria for retention Bonus Plans may include, but are not limited to, circumstances to address verified offers of competing employment, to address market conditions which are significantly higher than the current salary, to ameliorate salary compression or inversion, or to acknowledge successful completion of career development, training, or certification programs that are in the best interests of the University or support the mission of the University.

(d)     Bonus Plans in Collective Bargaining Agreements. The University may authorize the inclusion of provisions that award bonuses in collective bargaining agreements that are duly ratified by the Board of Trustees. Any Bonus provisions in such agreements must be based upon standards appropriate to institutions of higher education or relevant industry standards.

(e)     Clinical Care Compensation Plans. The University may authorize comprehensive incentive-based compensation programs for services related to the delivery of clinical care through a University faculty practice plan approved by the Board of Governors and operating in accordance with Board of Governors Regulation 9.017 or another health-care related program.

(5)     Bonuses and Bonus Plans shall not create inequities among comparable employees in violation of Regulation 1.006.

(6)     All proposed Bonus Plans are subject to approval by the President or designees and the Senior Vice President(s) or Vice President(s) over the employees included in the Bonus Plan. Any University approved Bonus Plans that deviate from the provisions of Board of Governors Regulation 9.015 are also subject to approval by the Board of Trustees and Board of Governors.

(7)     To request the approval of a Bonus Plan, a unit must complete the Bonus Plan Approval Request Form in its entirety, obtain the appropriate SVP(s) or VP(s) approvals and submit the Form to UFHR Classification & Compensation at for review and approval by the President or designees.

(8)     All approved Bonus Plans shall be reviewed by the President or designees and the applicable SVP and VP approvers no less frequently than every three years following initial approval. Bonus Plans may be terminated or modified by the University at its discretion at any time and do not create any employee entitlement, contract or property right.

(9)     Each year, on a schedule established by the Board of Trustees, the President shall submit a report to the Board of Trustees that contains the following:

(a)     The President’s certification that any Bonuses paid during the reporting period complied with the criteria in the applicable Bonus Plan and were paid from funds contained within the University’s budget as approved by the Board of Trustees; and

(b) The total amount paid during the reporting period for performance, recruitment and retention Bonuses.

(10) Failure to comply with or violations of this Regulation or a Bonus Plan may result in discipline, up through termination, and/or the termination of the Bonus Plan or denial of a Bonus made pursuant to the Plan.

(11) UF Human Resources is responsible for overseeing implementation of and enforcing compliance with this Regulation. Please contact the following with questions or concerns:

UF Human Resources Classification & Compensation

903 W. University Ave.

PO Box 115009

Gainesville, FL 32611-5009

(352) 273-2842,


Authority: BOG Regulation 9.015; section 1012.978, Fla. Stat.

History: New 12-9-22.