Regulation Number: 2.001

Possession and Use of Firearms

Category: Business Affairs Human Resources

Responsible Office: Vice President, Business Affairs;



2.001 Possession and Use of Firearms.

(1)     The possession of firearms on the University campus or any land or property occupied by the University of Florida is prohibited.

(2)     Definitions

(a)     The University “campus” is defined for purposes of this regulation to include those lands located in Alachua County, Florida, occupied or controlled by the University of Florida, including premises occupied by fraternities and sororities officially recognized by the University.

(b)     The term “firearm” is defined for the purposes of this regulation to have the same meaning set forth in Section 790.001(6), Fla. Stat., provided “firearm” shall also include antique firearms.

(3)     Notwithstanding the foregoing, firearms are permitted under the following limited circumstances:

(a)      Campus residents are permitted to store firearms in an area designated by the University Police at the University Police Station only. Firearms in transit to the Police Station for storage shall enter the campus at the intersection of 13th Street and Museum Road and be taken directly and immediately to the Police Station. Firearms in transit from the Police Station shall be removed from the campus directly and immediately along the same route. Firearms must be unloaded when on the University campus, whether in storage or in transit to or from storage. Authorization must be acquired from the University Police for possession of the firearm while traveling between the storage facility and the campus perimeter. Possession of a firearm anywhere else on campus is prohibited.

(b)     Those presently authorized to possess firearms on the campus are law enforcement members of governmental agencies who are authorized by law to possess firearms, the University Police, the University’s armored car vendor, and the staff of the Florida Museum of Natural History when the firearms are a part of the museum collection and are for the exhibit purposes or used in a specimen collection.

(c)     ROTC cadets may drill with unloaded rifles which have the firing pin removed when under the supervision of ROTC officers and cadre. .

(d)     The following persons are authorized to possess firearms at Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Research and Education Centers:

1.      Deputized law enforcement officers living at a center who are issued a firearm as part of their employment;

2.     Employees engaged in properly permitted wildlife depredation activities carried out to protect research projects being conducted at a center; and

3.     Employees temporarily residing at a center, provided the firearm is kept unloaded, equipped with a trigger lock, and locked in a secured location in the residence. In addition to any specific requirements set forth above, firearms shall be handled, used and stored in a safe and responsible manner and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. A Center director shall be notified prior to any firearm being brought onto Center property and shall have the right to prohibit or limit the use, handling or storage of firearms at the Center for the safety of persons at the Center.

(e)     Individuals participating in approved firearms education programs conducted on properties designated for 4-H use may utilize firearms on the property, provided firearms shall be handled, used and stored in a safe and responsible manner and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The program coordinator or property manager shall have the right to prohibit or limit the use, handling or storage of firearms on properties designated for 4-H use for the safety of persons on the property.

(f)     Should it be necessary or desirable for the use of firearms in any of the academic programs of the University, then permission for such use must be applied for and granted by the Provost or designee, Vice President for Business Affairs and the Chief of Police of the University Police Department.

(5)     Any student or employee, including faculty, administration, and staff members, shall be immediately suspended for violation of this regulation. When required under applicable university disciplinary regulations or provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement, such a suspension shall be interim in nature until a proper hearing can be held by the appropriate hearing body to determine the facts and circumstances of the violation.

Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 9-29-75, Formerly 6C1-2.01, Amended 9-16-99, 3-31-06, 3-14-08, Formerly

6C1-2.001, Amended 3-16-10.

Intent/Application: As University regulations and their implementation are subject to applicable law, the University will comply with Florida law governing firearms in vehicles under Section 790.25(5) Florida Statutes, including firearms that are securely encased or otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use in vehicles by individuals 18 years old and older, as decided by the First District Court of Appeal on December 10, 2013 in a case involving University of North Florida (Case No. 1D12-2174).