Regulation Number: 3.005

University Police Department

Category: Business Affairs

Responsible Office: Vice President, Business Affairs;



3.005 University Police Department.

(1)     The University of Florida Police Department shall protect the University’s population, buildings, grounds and equipment, preserve the peace, provide general police services to the university community and enforce the laws of the State of Florida, the ordinances of the City of Gainesville and County of Alachua, and the rules and regulations of the University of Florida.

(2)     University police shall meet the minimum standards established by the Police Standards and Training Commission and Chapter 943 and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.

(3)     Each university police officer shall, before entering into the performance of his duties, take the oath of office established by the university and the university shall enter into a good and sufficient bond on each officer, payable to the Governor and his successors in office, in the penal sum of $5,000.00 with a surety company authorized to do business in this State as surety thereon, conditioned on the faithful performance of the duties of said university police officer.

(4)     Each university police officer shall be provided with a uniform set of identification credentials.

(5)     University police officers occupy positions under the University of Florida Board of Trustees and are subject to the rules and regulations governing the appointment, status, removal and other employment conditions of employees of the University of Florida; except that a university police officer appointed with probationary status shall be required to serve a probationary period of 12 months of satisfactory service before attaining permanent status.

(6)     Each university police officer shall be provided with the “University of Florida Police Manual” updated December 11, 2002, developed by the University of Florida Police Department to familiarize the officer with the policies and procedures of the department and to guide the officer in the execution of his or her official duties as prescribed by 1012.97(6), F.S.

Specific Authority: 1001.74(4), 1012.97(6) FS.

Law Implemented: 1001.74(19), 1012.97 FS.

History: New 11-11-79, Formerly 6C1-3.05, Amended 1-9-03, Formerly 6C1-3.005, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).