Regulation Number: 3.006


Category: Business Affairs

Responsible Office: Vice President, Business Affairs;



  • 3.006 Parking.
  • (1) This Regulation sets forth the parking restrictions and requirements for the UF campus. UF does not guarantee parking, nor can it guarantee the safety and security of vehicles, property, and persons within the campus parking facilities. UF charges fees for the use of its parking spaces in order to pay for the operation and maintenance of campus parking facilities and support the transportation infrastructure. All persons holding a valid operator’s license may use properly registered motor vehicles, motorcycles, motor scooters, bicycles, and other UF approved vehicles in accordance with the terms of UF regulations, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) policies and procedures and applicable Florida Statute.
  • (2) Definitions:
  • (a) “Abandoned Vehicle” means a Vehicle that is left on UF campus for more than three (3) consecutive days without a valid Permit.
  • (b) “Back-in Parking” means parking a Vehicle with the front of the Vehicle facing the drive lanes and rear facing license plate is not visible.
  • (c) “Commercial Entity” means any person or company that has entered into a contract with UF to provide a service, regardless of the length of the contract, including but not limited to vendors and contractors.
  • (d) “Disabled Parking” means designated parking spaces for anyone legally qualified to use disabled parking.
  • (e) “Employee” means (i) a UF employee including Academic Personnel, TEAMS, USPS, LEO and OPS (non-student), and (ii) any (non-student) employee of a UF direct support organization and other affiliates.
  • (f) “False Registration” means applying for, receiving, or displaying a Permit by providing false information or by other fraudulent means; including reproducing, altering or defacing a Permit or any other document used for registration.
  • (g) “Head-in Parking” means parking a Vehicle with the front of the Vehicle facing into the front of the parking space and with the rear license plate visible and facing into the drive lanes.
  • (h) “Holidays” means official UF holidays only. Academic breaks and weekends are not holidays.
  • (i) “Impound/Impoundment” means to tow a Vehicle away from the place it is parked, to boot a Vehicle by use of an immobilization device, or to seize and hold legal custody of a Vehicle.
  • (j) “Inoperable Vehicle” means a Vehicle in a state of disrepair or incapable of being moved under its own power. Inoperable Vehicles include any vehicle abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, scrapped, junked, or in a partially dismantled condition, including uninflated tires, no wheels, or lacking other parts necessary for the normal operation, regardless of displaying a valid Permit.
  • (k) “LPR” means License Plate Recognition, an online system integrated with digital cameras that use optic character recognition software to convert a digital image of a license plate into text. The license plate data is then sent to a database where it is compared in real-time to a list of plate numbers that are associated with a Virtual Permit.
  • (l) “Parking” means the act of stopping or standing of a vehicle anywhere on campus, whether occupied or not and whether the vehicle’s motor is running or not.
  • (m) “Permit” means a non-transferable UF parking permit, decal, hangtag, virtual permit, dashboard permit or metered parking receipt issued by TAPS.
  • (n) “Reserved Space” means an individually marked space, reserved for the specified user twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week or as otherwise displayed on the applicable signage.
  • (o) “Restricted Area” means an area where a Vehicle may be parked only if it bears the appropriate Permit for that area.
  • (p) “Service Drive Area” means parking areas reserved for Vehicles for delivery, service, emergency, and other Vehicles with Service Drive Permits.
  • (q) “Shands Employee” means a (non-student) employee of UF Health Shands Hospital.
  • (r) “Student” means an individual who is enrolled at UF; full- time or part- time, regardless of the number of hours or days attending classes.
  • (s) “Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)” means the UF unit: (a) responsible for (i) issuing Permits, (ii) collecting parking fees, (iii) assessing parking fines; and (iv) enforcing parking rules on campus; and (b) vested with the authority to store, dispose or transfer the title of Abandoned Vehicles.
  • (t) “Vehicle” means appropriately registered cars, motorcycles, motor scooters and other means of motorized transportation intended for and in current condition to be operated on public highways. Bicycles, mopeds, Segways, or micromobility devices are not Vehicles.
  • (u) “Virtual Permit” means a non-physical Permit that uses virtual verification by LPR.
  • (v) “Visitor” means a person who is not a Student, Employee, Shands Employee or Commercial Entity or other member of the UF community coming on to campus to attend to UF business or related activities; to participate in a UF related or sponsored event, class, activity, or program; or to further the UF educational mission.
  • (3) General Guidelines for Permits and Registration
  • (a) TAPS, the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD), appropriate law enforcement, and specifically designated personnel are authorized to issue citations for parking and registration violations in accordance with UF regulations and TAPS policies and procedures.
  • (b) Students, Employees and Shands Employees must register their Vehicle(s) and license plate(s) with TAPS in order to purchase a Permit and must display a valid appropriate Permit (or be properly registered for a Virtual Permit) during hours of Permit restriction as established on applicable signage at each parking facility.
  • (c) All registrants are responsible for providing TAPS with current and accurate information regarding Vehicle registration, ownership and tag number, as well as changes in address, enrollment and employment status.
  • (d) There is no grace period for registration of Vehicles and acquisition of Permits. New Employees may contact TAPS to obtain a temporary Permit for fourteen (14) business days from the start date of their employment at no cost. Proof of employment status is required.
  • (e) Parking spaces at UF are not intended for Vehicles altered for purposes other than transportation or in violation of UF policy and regulations, bicycles, mopeds, Segways, or aircraft with or without a Permit
  • (f) Permanently marked Commercial Entity Vehicles (identified as clearly and conspicuously marked with non-removable non-transferable painted or vinyl lettering or company logos on both sides of the Vehicle) may park without a Permit in non-reserved, Permit restricted parking spaces, and in Service Drive Areas. They may not park in gated areas, carpool zones, reserved spaces, bicycle lanes, on the grass, on sidewalks, in no parking zones, and other prohibited areas at any time. A commercial representative in a Commercial Entity Vehicle using a permanently marked delivery truck, service vehicle, rideshare vehicle or bus making brief stops in the appropriate spaces or zones at one or more points on campus is not considered Parking and are not required to pay a Parking fee or display a Permit.
  • (g) A Commercial Entity may purchase a Commercial Permit for an unmarked Vehicle upon presenting a letter from the Commercial Entity, UF project manager or department substantiating the need to park on campus. At the request of the UF project manager, TAPS may issue no-cost Permits for Parking in approved, fenced construction compounds and lay-down areas, or in the remote contractor lot for contractor Parking.
  • (h) Commercial solicitation is not permitted on UF campus without prior approval and Permits shall not be issued (and will be considered invalid) if used for a purpose prohibited by UF regulations and policies.
  • (i) Disabled Parking:
  • i. Students and Employees with a State-issued “Disabled Persons Parking Permit” or license plate must purchase a Permit in order to park on campus.
  • ii. Visitors with a State-issued “Disabled Persons Parking Permit” or license plate may use designated disabled spaces and in non-reserved decal restricted spaces in order to park on campus.
  • (j) Daily/Temporary Parking:
  • i. Visitors may obtain a temporary Permit from TAPS; or utilize daily and hourly pay parking facilities or metered spaces upon payment of the required fee.
  • ii. All vendors must be registered with UF, as visitor parking spaces may not be used for commercial purposes without prior approval.
  • iii. UF departments or colleges sponsoring an event on campus shall schedule and reserve event parking with TAPS a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the event. TAPS will determine the assignment of event parking based on availability.
  • (k) Permit Regulation:
  • i. Physical Permits must be properly displayed on the inside of the Vehicle windshield, passenger side, lower corner. The Permit must be clearly visible from the exterior of the Vehicle while parked on campus or a citation may be issued.
  • ii. Physical Permits may be transferred between Vehicles registered to permit holders, or to family members residing in the same household, but only one Vehicle per Permit may be parked on campus at any time.
  • iii. Adhesive Permits are required for all two or three-wheeled motor vehicles and must be displayed on the front or rear fender or front fork of the Vehicle unless otherwise approved by TAPS.
  • iv. Drivers of two or three-wheeled motor vehicles must park in motorcycle/scooter parking zones as designated on campus. They may not park in an automobile space, except for metered spaces upon payment of the required fee.
  • v. The Permit holder is responsible for assuring that the Vehicle is parked in compliance with the rules and regulations regardless of who drives it, and for knowing when the issued Permit expires.
  • vi. The Permit holder is responsible for all citations issued to any Vehicle associated with a Permit holder.
  • vii. A lost Permit must be reported to TAPS, and a stolen Permit must be reported to UFPD. TAPS will issue a replacement Permit for a $25 fee. Permits reported lost or stolen will immediately become invalid; and use of a Permit previously reported lost or stolen is considered to be False Registration and subject to fine and penalty. Any Vehicle bearing a Permit reported as lost or stolen is subject to immediate immobilization and tow, even if the Vehicle bearing the Permit is owned by the person who has reported the Permit as lost or stolen.
  • viii. Any Vehicle parked on campus is parked at the risk of the operator. UF assumes no liability for damage to Vehicles operated or parked on campus.
  • (l) Payment:
  • i. All Student Permit charges will be charged to the Student’s UF account.
  • ii. Employees may pay for their Permits through payroll deduction.
  • iii. The Permit price may be pro-rated on a bi-weekly basis over the term of the Permit. The prorated price will be determined at the time of purchase.
  • (m) Refunds:
  • i. TAPS may provide a full refund on annual and semester Permits when the refund is requested less than fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of purchase or effective date. Monthly, weekly and daily Permits are non-refundable.
  • ii. Employees may receive a refund of one twenty-fourth (1/24) of the annual price for each unused pay period on an annual Permit, based on when the Permit is returned.
  • iii. No refunds will be issued unless and until the Permit is returned to TAPS.
  • (n) Retired and Emeritus: Retired faculty and staff are eligible to register and purchase Permits. Retired faculty and staff designated as “Emeritus” shall be issued a complimentary “Official Business” Permit.
  • (4) Designated Parking Spaces and Areas.
  • (a) Parking is permitted only within marked spaces. The absence of “No Parking” signs, curb markings or other indicators does not mean that parking is allowed.
  • (b) All Vehicles must abide by a Head-in Parking rule to ensure that the license plate is facing the drive lane and can be read by LPR. Exceptions to this rule are as follow:
  • i. Vehicles with ADA requirements.
  • ii. Electric Vehicles requiring Back-in Parking to actively charge at a charging station.
  • iii. Vehicles displaying an official State-issued front license plate.
  • iv. Vehicles displaying an optional front tag purchased from TAPS
  • (c) Where parallel or angled parking is permitted, Vehicles must be parked facing the flow of traffic.
  • (d) Vehicles shall not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct vehicular/bicycle/pedestrian traffic, wheelchair ramps, interfere with normal operational activities, or create a hazard.
  • (e) Parking on grass, unpaved surfaces, sidewalks, crosswalks, Service Drive Areas without a proper Permit, loading zones, truck spaces, or on streets (except where specifically marked for parking) is prohibited.
  • (f) Use of parking spaces requires either a Permit or a receipt for paid parking during restricted hours as defined by signage.
  • (g) No parking space may be used for commercial solicitation purposes.
  • (h) Unauthorized parking in Reserved Spaces or Restricted Areas is prohibited.
  • (i) A Vehicle parked overtime at any time limited parking space (meters, time restricted loading zones and Service Drive Areas, etc.) may receive a citation at the time the violation is identified and may receive another citation in the same day if the Vehicle remains in the same space more than two (2) hours from the time of issuance of the first citation.
  • (j) Vehicles may park according to Permit type in the appropriate lots and spaces as identified on the TAPS parking map and parking lot signage.
  • (k) All Vehicle operators using a parking space controlled by a meter must pay to occupy the space in accordance with the instructions on the meter.
  • (l) Only authorized Vehicles may park in disabled spaces.
  • (m) Oversized Vehicles such as trucks, trailers, motor homes, or any Vehicle that occupies more than one (1) standard car space or extends beyond the space shall be parked in an area designated by TAPS with appropriate Permit.
  • (n) Special Events/Maintenance: TAPS has authority to close streets, lots, and parking spaces to facilitate special events, and to perform necessary maintenance. Contact TAPS when planning a special event on campus to receive proper parking permits and assignments. No department has the authority to close any lots without first obtaining permission from TAPS.
  • (5) Impounding Vehicles.
  • (a) Vehicles are subject to being Impounded at the operator’s or owner’s expense under any of the following conditions:
  • i. Unauthorized parking in Reserved Spaces, Restricted Areas, Service Drive Areas, no-parking zones, disabled spaces, or any other place in violation of this Regulation.
  • ii. Inoperable Vehicles and Abandoned Vehicles must be attended to promptly with immediate notification made to TAPS, Monday – Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, and the UFPD after 5:00 pm on weekdays and on weekends and Holidays. These vehicles are subject to tow after three (3) consecutive days.
  • iii. Parking in such a way as to interfere with campus operational activities or in violation of any UF regulation or policy.
  • iv. Accumulation of three (3) unpaid delinquent parking citations in an academic year.
  • v. Parking on campus after the suspension of parking privileges.
  • (b) Vehicles are Impounded at the owner’s/department’s expense. Subject to any applicable appeal process, the owner/department is required to pay for the outstanding citations, the Impoundment fee, and any additional applicable charges in full prior to claiming their Vehicle. The fact that a previously Impounded Vehicle has been removed from the area without authorization from TAPS shall be prima facie evidence that the registered owner has tampered with the Impounded Vehicle. Owners of Impounded Vehicles may make restitution online at the TAPS website or during office hours at the TAPS office.
  • (6) Parking Violations, Penalties and Payment.
  • (a) Violations and Suspension of Parking Privileges: Vehicle operators are subject to the parking fines in accordance with the schedule of violation charges as provided in this Regulation. TAPS reserves the right to restrict the ability of an individual or UF unit to purchase a Permit if they:
  • i. Falsify or misrepresent information to TAPS;
  • ii. Lend their Permit to another person when the latter is not entitled to driving or parking privileges;
  • iii. Fails to respond to and resolve citations;
  • iv. Demonstrates actions that show a willful disregard for public safety or property, or engages in other types of disruptive behavior with another member of the UF community;
  • v. Owes a delinquent parking debt to UF;
  • vi. Displays a counterfeit, stolen, altered, lost, or revoked Permit; or
  • vii. Issues fraudulent payments to TAPS for services or fines.
  • (b) Delinquency:
  • i. Parking citations not paid within fifteen (15) days of issuance, or not under appeal, are subject to an additional late fee as outlined in this Regulation.
  • ii. An Employee may not purchase a new Permit if there are any outstanding citations on their account. Any violations or debts which are still outstanding after forty-five (45) days may be recovered by UF pursuant to UF Regulation 3.0421
  • iii. Outstanding student accounts will also result in student records and registration being placed on hold until the debt is settled.
  • iv. More than three (3) outstanding citations will result in the Vehicle being Impounded.
  • v. More than ten (10) outstanding citations will result in suspension of parking privileges.
  • vi. Unless otherwise specified, all fines may be paid via the TAPS website, to the TAPS office in person, or via mail.
  • (7) Appeal Process for Citations, Suspensions and Impoundments.
  • (a) Citation, Suspension and Impoundment appeals: The University Hearing Authority (Student Traffic Court and Faculty/Staff Adjudicators) has jurisdiction over the disposition of appeals of parking violations.
  • i. Persons wishing to contest a citation, suspension or Impoundment must complete an online statement of appeal on the TAPS website within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of issuance, or otherwise forfeit the right to appeal.
  • ii. Persons with an unfavorable appeal judgment (not suspensions or Impoundments), may file a second appeal by completing an online second level appeal on the TAPS website within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of the first appeal judgment.
  • iii. Decisions of the University Hearing Authority on appeals, suspensions and Impoundments are final.
  • (8) Parking Rates and Fines.
  • (a) Parking Rates (2021-2022):
Student Permit – Annual$160.00
Student Permit – Semester$80.00
Student Permit – Monthly$35.00
Student Permit – Weekly$15.00
Employee (Gold Permit) – Annual$1,512.00
Employee (Gold Permit) – Semester$504.00
Employee (Silver Permit) – Annual$1,350.00
Employee (Silver Permit) – Semester$450.00
Shands Employee (Gold Permit) – Annual$1,512.00
Shands Employee (Gold Permit) – Semester$504.00
Shands Employee (Silver Permit) – Annual$1,350.00
Shands Employee (Silver Permit) – Semester$450.00
Employee (Official Business Permit) – Annual$570.00
Employee (Official Business Permit) – Semester$190.00
Employee (Orange Permit) – Annual$420.00
Employee (Orange Permit) – Semester$140.00
Employee (Orange Permit) – Monthly$60.00
Employee (Orange Permit) – Weekly$25.00
Employee (Orange Permit) – Daily$5.00
Employee (Blue Permit) – Annual$420.00
Employee (Blue Permit) – Semester$140.00
Employee (Blue Permit) – Monthly$60.00
Employee (Blue Permit) – Weekly$25.00
Employee (Blue Permit) – Daily$5.00
Employee (Medical Resident) – Annual$588.00
Employee (Medical Resident) – Semester$186.00
Employee (Medical Resident) – Monthly$70.00
Employee (Shands South 1) – Annual$420.00
Employee (Shands South 1) – Semester$140.00
Employee (Staff Commuter) – Annual$216.00
Employee (Staff Commuter) – Semester$72.00
Employee (Staff Commuter) – Monthly$35.00
Employee (Staff Commuter) – Weekly$15.00
Employee (Staff Commuter) – Daily$3.00
Employee (Disabled) – Annual$420.00
Employee (Disabled) – Semester$140.00
Employee (Disabled) – Monthly$60.00
Employee (Disabled) – Weekly$25.00
Employee (Disabled) – Daily$5.00
Employee (Carpool) – Annual$198.00
Student/Employee (Motorcycle/Scooter) – Annual$210.00
Student/Employee (Motorcycle/Scooter) – Semester$70.00
Commercial – Annual$576.00
Commercial – Semester$192.00
Commercial – Monthly$75.00
Commercial – Daily$7.00
  • (b) Parking Fines (2021-2022):
No or expired permit$35.00
Parking out of assigned area$35.00
Parking in a restricted area$40.00
Parking in a reserved parking space$40.00
Overtime Parking$20.00
Parking over lines$20.00
Parking on grass$35.00
Parking facing traffic$30.00
Parking on sidewalk$35.00
Parking obstructing traffic$40.00
Parking illegally in a Service Drive Area$40.00
Parking in a No Parking Zone$35.00
Permit improperly attached or displayed$15.00
False Registration$150.00, plus cost of equivalent permit
Use of an unauthorized duplicate or lost or stolen permit$150.00, plus the cost of equivalent permit
Unauthorized use of permit$35.00
Driving/parking on campus while eligibility is suspended$100.00
Failure to pay parking lot fee$35.00
Unauthorized operation of a vehicle in a restricted area$50.00
Backed into parking spaces where prohibited$35.00
Parking without a permit in a parking garage reserved for persons with disabilities$250.00
Bicycles parked out of assigned areas$10.00
Tampering with or unauthorized removal of an immobilizing device$200.00, plus replacement price of device if not returned to UF undamaged
Motorcycle/Scooter not parked in direction of pavement-marked arrows$20.00
Unsafe or improper operation of a micromobility device or a bicycle$50.00
Failure to pay fine within 15 days$10.00, plus fine

Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001

3.006 Definitions: New 9-29-75, Amended 8-15-78, 8-19-79, 8-26-81, 8-12-82, 3-6-85, Formerly 6C-3.06, Amended 5-14-87, 4-27-88, 4-23-89,4-17-90, 5-7-92, 5-19-93, 4-30-95, 5-1-96, 6-7-00, 5-22-01, 3-31-06 (technical changes only), 3-30-07 (technical changes only), 3-14-08 (technical changes only), 3-17-09, Formerly 6C1-3.006, Amended 3-17-11, 3-28-14 (technical changes only), Amended 3-26-20, Consolidated and Amended 4-22-22.