Regulation Number: 3.017

Mailing Lists and Labels

Category: Business Affairs

Responsible Office: Vice President, Business Affairs;



    3.017 Mailing Lists and Labels.

    The names and addresses of faculty, staff and students are available in the form of mailing labels and/or lists. Labels and lists will be prepared in response to written requests which must state the purpose for which such labels/lists will be used. Requests from registered student organizations are to be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, 159 Tigert Hall. All requests for faculty and staff information are to be submitted to the Information Systems Office, 33 Tigert Hall. All requests for student information are to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, 222 Criser Hall. Appropriate charges covering production costs will be assessed for labels/lists which are to be used for purposes other than in conjunction with the official operation of the University of Florida.

    Specific Authority: 240.227(l) FS.

    Law Implemented: 240.227(7) FS.

    History: New 9-29-75, Amended 3-6-85, Formerly 6C1-3.17, Amended 6-28-98, Formerly 6C1-3.017, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).