Regulation Number: 3.030

Surplus University Property

Category: Finance

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Office



3.030 Surplus University Property.

(1)     Purpose. The purpose of this rule is to implement the authority received by the university presidents in accordance with Section 1001.75(18), F.S., with respect to those functions and duties heretofore performed by the Department of Management Services in accordance with Chapter 287, F.S. (Chapter 79-222, Section 13, Laws of Florida).

(2)     Definitions.

(a)     Accountable Officer – The Department head or Director or his or her designee is the person entitled to lawful custody of property owned or controlled by the University.

(b)     Property Manager — Any individual assigned by the University President to manage the assignment, accountability, transfer and disposal of property for which the University has custodial responsibility under the Florida Statutes.

(c)     Tangible Personal Property — All personal property acquired and belonging to the University. Real estate, buildings and infrastructure are not considered personal property except as noted in subsection (4).

(d)     Exchange Property — Property being offered as a trade-in on the purchase of a new


(e)     Property Survey Board — A body appointed by the President to oversee surplus

property practices and to review and ratify disposition actions. There shall be representation from each budgetary unit on the Board.

(3)     Reporting Requirements for Surplus, University-Owned Tangible Personal Property.

(a)     Tangible personal property which is determined to be surplus because it is excess, obsolete, uneconomical or inefficient for continued use shall be certified as surplus by the Accountable Officer for the property to the Property Manager. A Report of Survey form, FA Form FA-P-M-RS/11-99, incorporated herein by reference and available from the Finance and Accounting office shall constitute the certification from the custodian. If a use for the property exists elsewhere within the University, the Property Manager is authorized to transfer accountability to a subsequent custodian in the area where it will be used. The Property Manager will agenda the certification for ratification of disposition action by the Property Survey Board.

(b)     In instances of loss, theft, or fire, such surplus property should be reported to the Property Survey Board.

1.      Lost/Stolen – When a loss is discovered, the Accountable Officer must forward an approved Report of Survey – Lost/Stolen Form FA-P-M-RS2/11-02, incorporated herein by reference and available from the Finance and Accounting office, Post Office Box 113200, Gainesville, Florida 32611.

2.     Destroyed – When destruction is discovered, the Accountable Officer must forward an approved Report of Survey – Form FA-P-M-RS/11-99.

(4)    Buildings & Infrastructures. Buildings, infrastructures and other items of a semi- permanent or permanent nature shall be considered tangible personal property, if and when they are severed from the real property upon which they reside, and shall be reported in the same manner as all other surplus property. In addition, the legal description of the location, size, type of construction, and reason for removal shall be noted.

(5)     Procedures for Disposal of Surplus Property. Certified surplus property shall not be sold, transferred, donated, cannibalized, or scrapped without prior written authority from the University Property Manager. The Property Survey Board can itself or can delegate to the Property Manager the authority to dispose of such property determined to be surplus as follows:

(a)     Transfer to a State Agency, political subdivision or to any private non-profit agency. A non-profit agency is defined as an agency considered exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

(b)     Scrap or cannibalization of equipment.

(c)     Abandoned equipment in place upon determination that cost of return or repair exceeds the value of the property.

(d)     Public Sale.

1.      All public sales shall be conducted on a set date and time which shall be advertised in a local newspaper of general circulation no less than two weeks prior to the sale.

2.      Sales will be conducted as public auction or sealed bid sales, whichever is in the best interest of the University.

(6)     The university president has the authority to adjust property records for the disposition of University-owned tangible personal property.

(7)     Exchange Property. If University property will be used as a trade-in for the purchase of new property, an approved Report of Survey (FA Form FA-P-M-RS11-99), shall constitute certification from the Accountable Officer.

(8)   Non-University Funded Property. All property originally purchased with non- university funds, such as contracts or grants, shall be managed in a form consistent with the applicable rules and regulations of the funding authority.

(9)     Disposition of Monies. All monies received from the sale of such surplus property shall be deposited as directed by the University Controller and will be used for all necessary operating expenses of the surplus property program and for acquisition of tangible personal property.

Specific Authority: 1001.74(4) FS.

Law Implemented: 1001.74(5), (6), 1001.75(18) FS.

History: New 3-26-80, Amended 8-4-80, Formerly 6C1-3.30, Amended 5-l8-92, 4-30-95, 5-1-96, 6-28-98, 5-22-01, 3-12-03, 6-3-03, Formerly 6C1-3.030, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).