Regulation Number: 3.037

Registration and Student Fees

Category: Finance

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer



3.037 Registration and Student Fees.

(1)     Registration consists of two (2) major components:

(a)     Formal enrollment in one (1) or more courses approved and scheduled by the University, and

(b)     Tuition and fee payments or other appropriate arrangements for tuition and fee payments (deferment, third-party billing) for the courses in which the student is enrolled.

(2)     A student is liable for all tuition and fees associated with all courses for which the student is registered at the end of the drop/add period. The fee payment deadline is 3:30 p.m. of the last day of the second week of classes.

(3)     Late Registration Fee.

(a)   A student is subject to a late registration fee of $100.00 if the student fails to apply and qualify for admission prior to the late registration date published in the University calendar. If the student qualifies to register during the late registration period, a “late registration” appointment may be assigned and the student shall be required to pay the late registration fee.

(b)    Any student who is assigned a regular registration appointment and who fails to complete registration during the regular registration period will be subject to the $100.00 late registration fee.

(4)     Late Payment Fee: Any student who fails to pay all tuition and fees due or who fails to obtain a written deferral by the fee payment deadline will be subject to a late payment fee of


          (5)     Waiver of Late Payment Fee: The late payment fee shall be waived if the balance due,

excluding the late fee, is less than $100.00. The late payment fee shall also be waived upon the petition

of the student if:

(a)     The University is primarily responsible for the delinquency; or

(b)     Extraordinary circumstances prevented all conceivable means of paying tuition and fees prior to the fee payment deadline. The University reserves the right to require documentation to substantiate these circumstances.

(6)     Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees.

(a)     The University shall temporarily suspend further academic progress of any student who has not paid the entire balance of their tuition and fee liability by the established deadlines. This will be accomplished by placing a financial hold on the student’s record, which will prevent the student from receiving grades, transcript, and/or diploma and the student’s registration will be denied for future terms until the account has been paid in full.

(b)    Students who have not paid any portion of their tuition and fee liability by the established University deadline will be withdrawn from all courses. Students will continue to be held fee liable for these courses, but will not be allowed to attend these courses until arrangements have been made to make payment, and the student has been re-registered.

(c)    To re-register for courses, students must submit a Current Term Re-Enrollment Request petition to the Office of the University Registrar after arrangements for tuition and fee payment have been made with the University Bursar. Students who re-register after being withdrawn for nonpayment of tuition and fees will be subject to late registration and late payment fees.

(7)     The University shall permit the deferral of registration and tuition and fees for the period not ending later than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the last day of classes, or for summer terms A and B, not later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the last day of classes for the reasons given in this subsection. Extension of this deadline shall be made on an individual basis by term by the President or President’s designee. In no case shall the deferment extend beyond the last day of classes unless there is a formal arrangement with the University for payment by an acceptable third- party donor. A deferment or an extension of a deferment shall be given for the following:

(a)     Students whose state or federal financial assistance is delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the student;

(b)     Veterans and other eligible students receiving benefits under Chapter 30, Chapter 32,

Chapter 34, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606 or 1607 of Title 38 U.S.C., and whose benefits are delayed; or

(c)     Students for whom formal arrangements have been made with the University for payment.

(8)    Tuition and fee deferments must be established with the University Bursar, prior to the fee payment deadline. Failure to establish the deferment will subject the student to payment of the late payment fee.

(9)     Tuition and fees will be waived for Florida residents sixty (60) years of age or older under the conditions set forth in Section 1009.26(4), Fla. Stat. Persons paying full fees and University of Florida employees and state employees taking classes on a space-available basis have priority over any persons allowed a fee waiver under this section.

(10)     Sponsored institutes and programs: Tuition and materials and supply fees will be waived by the President or President’s designee for participants in sponsored institutes and programs if substantially all the direct costs are paid by the external sponsoring agency, where there is not direct expenditure of Educational and General funds for the conduct of the programs, and where no fees or other assessments are collected from students by the sponsoring agency, the university, or any other entity. In determining whether the direct costs are paid by the sponsoring agency, funds paid directly to the participants in a form such as, but not limited to, stipends, travel or book allowances should not be taken into account. “Direct costs” refer to the costs associated with the instruction or training which a participant receives. All funds collected from sponsoring agencies for sponsored credit institutes will be remitted to the university’s contract and grants trust fund and/or auxiliary trust funds. Neither the number of participants nor student credit hours in these institutes and programs may be counted for state-funding purposes.

(11)     In collecting tuition and fees, the President or President’s designee shall impose additional requirements, as necessary, including advance payment or a security deposit, for the services to be provided by the University of Florida.

Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 3-26-80, Amended 2-11-82, 3-6-85, Formerly 6C1-3.37, Amended 5-18-92, 5-1-96, 7-21-97, 3-12-03, 12-31-03, 9-5-08, 3-17-09 (BOT Approval), 3-24-09 (BOG Approval), Formerly 6C1-3.037, Amended 7-25-13 (technical changes only), Amended 3-17-17, 3-23-18 (technical changes only).