Regulation Number: 3.0422

Direct Deposit Program

Category: Finance

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer




3.0422 Direct Deposit Program.

(1) The following describes the direct deposit requirement for all University of Florida employees. Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of net salary and travel expense reimbursements into University of Florida employees’ personal checking or savings accounts at United States financial institution.

(2) All employees, including temporary hires and non-work study students, are required to participate in the Direct Deposit Program as a condition of employment, regardless of date of hire.

(a) Departments/employees must submit the University of Florida Direct Deposit Authorization Form to the Human Resource Services or Student Employment Office as part of the original hire packet. The Direct Deposit Authorization form, FA-PS-DDA, Rev. 03/2008, is incorporated herein by reference and can be obtained from the websites of the University Payroll Office and Human Resource Services.

(b) By Federal Regulations, Work-Study students are not required to participate in the Direct Deposit Program, but strongly encouraged by the University of Florida to participate.

(c) The direct deposit data remains active in the University Payroll Office until it is changed or one year after separation of employment.

(3) Employees who have been unable to establish an account at a financial institution must request to have their salary applied to a pay/debit card through a financial institution in partnership with the University. The University will provide an application for this card upon request.

(4) Direct Deposit Authorization forms are available in the offices and on the web sites of the University Payroll Office and Human Resource Services.

(a) Employees are required to submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization to the University Payroll Office should there be a change in their financial institution.

(b) Employees are not required to re-submit a Direct Deposit Authorization when changing hiring authorities, pay plans, or job titles within the University of Florida.


Specific Authority: 1001.74(4) FS.

History: New 12-31-03, Amended 7-19-05, 9-5-08 (technical changes only), Formerly 6C1-3.0422, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).