Regulation Number: 3.061

Personnel Policy for Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support Staff; Recruitment and Selection

Category: Human Resources

Responsible Office: Vice President, Human Resources



3.061 Personnel Policy for Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support Staff; Recruitment and Selection.

(1)     General Information.

(a)   Human Resource Services is responsible for recruitment, examination, screening and selection for referral of all applicants for positions in Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support (TEAMS). Human Resource Services is also responsible for approval of subsequent appointments, reassignments, promotions, and demotions.

(b)     The application processing function is the responsibility of the Recruitment & Staffing of Human Resource Services. The authority to hire an applicant referred by the Recruitment & Staffing is vested in the department or unit having the vacancy. Recruitment & Staffing shall make available to department interviewers only those applicants who appear to meet the minimum qualifications for a class vacancy and any special qualifications specific to the vacant position as outlined by the hiring department. Educational qualifications, work experience, and references must be verified prior to extending a job offer. Recruitment & Staffing has the specific authority to reject appointment recommendations for applicants who are not qualified or who have not been referred according to the stated procedures. Recruitment & Staffing will not refer current TEAMS employees with below performance standards ratings in effect without the recommendation of the Dean or Director. Should the below performance standards rating be replaced with either achieves or an exceeds rating, the employee again may become a candidate for another position.

(c)    Former employees will apply to and be processed by Recruitment & Staffing in the same manner as new applicants. Former employees terminated because of unsatisfactory performance, job abandonment, or misconduct are not eligible to be rehired. A former employee not eligible for rehire can request in writing a review by Human Resource Services of the applicant’s eligibility. The decision of Human Resource Services of any review will be final and no other appeal is available.

(2)     Recruitment and Selection. Recruitment & Staffing shall be responsible for coordinating the recruitment activities for all TEAMS position vacancies.

(a)     Announcing Vacant Positions.

1.      Recruitment & Staffing will establish job vacancy announcements and distribute these listings to reach as diverse an applicant group as possible in accordance with the University’s Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines pursuant to University of Florida Regulation 1.0061.

2.      Recruitment & Staffing will assist department representatives in placing advertisements. The cost of such advertisements will be approved by the hiring department before the ads are authorized to be placed and will be paid by the hiring department. Recruitment & Staffing will make reasonable efforts to place the ads in the most cost effective manner.

3.     TEAMS position vacancies will be announced for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days with the following exceptions:

i.      Open posting positions, emergency and temporary vacancy appointments.

ii.     Positions filled by an employee laid off, demoted, or reassigned. Positions qualify for open posting by Recruitment & Staffing when there is a continual need for qualified applicants in a specific class and when there is a history of difficulty in attracting qualified applicants to position vacancies at the University due to labor market conditions. When such conditions exist, the University shall accept applications and applicants shall be placed in vacancies at any time without regard to the length of time a specific vacancy has existed or the date the application was received.

(b)    Application Procedures.

            1.     An application for an exempt TEAMS position shall consist of a current resume or vitae and a cover letter outlining the applicant’s interest in a specific position vacancy. Qualified applicants’ resumes will be forwarded by Recruitment & Staffing for review by the hiring authority.

2.     An application for a specific non-exempt TEAMS position vacancy shall consist of an employment application entitled “TEAMS Non-Exempt Employment Application,” Form DHR-TEAMS-02, Rev. 10/02, incorporated herein by reference, developed and maintained by Recruitment & Staffing and may be obtained from 903 West University Avenue, Post Office Box 115002, Gainesville, Florida 32611. Using established electronic processes, applicants who appear to meet eligibility requirements will be referred to the department for electronic review of credentials.

(c)     Eligibility Determination.

1.      The University of Florida TEAMS class specifications will be used to establish the minimum requirements for position vacancies. Applicant eligibility will be determined from information contained on employment applications. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements of a position unless a waiver has been requested and approved by the Vice President for Human Resource Services. Waivers must be approved before any interview of an applicant who does not appear to meet the minimum requirements may be conducted. The applicant must have education, training, and experience deemed to be equivalent and appropriate for a waiver to be approved. The applicant must also meet any bona-fide occupational requirements or special qualifications established for the position by the hiring authority.

2.     Applicant consideration will be discontinued when it is determined that the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements, has falsified or failed to complete an application accurately, has an unsatisfactory employment record, has a criminal history related to the position for which the applicant has applied, or which may jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff, or the safekeeping of confidential records and university accounts.

(d)    Selection and Offers of Employment. Each department is responsible for making offers of employment to those applicants who best meet their recruiting needs as long as the selection process complies with the established recruitment process.

            Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 3-2-03, Formerly 6C1-3.061, Amended 3-16-10 (technical changes only).