Regulation Number: 4.002

Student Government Constitution

Category: Student Life

Responsible Office: Vice President, Student Life



4.002 Student Government Constitution.

(1)      Student Government shall be the representative of all students and is encouraged to function on campus with the recognition that ultimate authority for university affairs rests with the Board of Trustees and the Administration of the University.

(2)     Every student of the University is a member of the Student Body, and is entitled to vote in accordance with the Constitution of the Student Body of the University. The Student Body Constitution has been promulgated by the students and accepted by the University as expressing the will of the students. Rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities applicable to members of the Student Body and method of government are spelled out in the Constitution. The Constitution is subject to amendment from time to time in accordance with procedures established in the instrument. The current Constitution is available to members of the student body upon request.

(3)     The governing organization of the Student Body of the University of Florida is known as the Student Government of the University of Florida. Student Government is recognized as the representative of the Student Body.

(4)     Student Government may propose to the president written recommendations covering the allocation of that portion of the University fees designated by law as student activity and service fees.

(5)     Student Government may propose to the president written recommendations for student membership on university committees as may be designated for student representation.

(6)     Student Government must submit to the president, for approval, all laws passed by the Student Senate and all proposed changes in the Student Body Constitution and By-Laws.

(7)     Student Government must submit to the president, for approval all allocations and expenditures from the Student Government portion of the activity and service fee monies.

(8)     Upon approval of the president, the Student Government may establish and maintain educational research centers for child development.

Specific Authority 1001.74(4), 1004.26, 1009.24(9) FS.

Law Implemented 1001.74(10), (11), 1001.75(15), 1004.26, 1009.24(9) FS.

History: New 9-29-75, Amended 1-28-80, Formerly 6C1-4.02, 2-5-03, Formerly 6C1-4.002,

Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).