Regulation Number: 4.005

Reitz Union

Category: Student Life

Responsible Office: Vice President, Student Life



4.005 Reitz Union.

The J. Wayne Reitz Union is an auxiliary operation constituting the “community center” of the University of Florida. The Union is run for all members of the University family: students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests.

(1)     The policy making body for the Reitz Union is the Board of Managers which is a standing University committee appointed by the president of the University. All matters of policy pertaining to the operation of the Union and its program come under the direct purview of the Board of Managers. Union operation and policy must be within the framework of federal and state law and University policy. Within these guidelines, policy formulated and passed by the Board of Managers and approved by the president of the University, becomes the official policy of the Union.

(2)     The Reitz Union, as the community center for the University of Florida, has a primary responsibility to students and other University affiliated persons, organizations and groups; and a secondary responsibility to all other groups and persons. The Board of Managers maintains policies and procedures for the use of both reserved space and non-reserved space by University affiliated persons, organizations, and groups; and by all other groups and persons.

Specific Authority: 240.227(1) FS.

Law Implemented: 240.227(1), (13) FS.

History: New 9-29-75, Formerly 6C1-4.05, Formerly 6C1-4.005, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).