Regulation Number: 4.010

Employer Registration for On-Campus Recruitment

Category: Student Life

Responsible Office: Vice President, Student Life



4.010 Employer Registration for On-Campus Recruitment.

(1)     The Career Connections Center (CCC) facilitates the holistic career development of students. This centralized and comprehensive center serves students and alumni across all majors, disciplines and degree levels. The CCC offers a diverse range of services to help students with major/career exploration, professional development, gaining experience and securing employment.

                       (2)     Employers desiring to recruit and interview University students and eligible alumni, on- campus, for the purpose of offering employment, both full-time and co-op/internships, must first register with the CCC and meet all general eligibility requirements in accordance with the CCC Employer Recruiting Policies and Procedures located at

(3)     Employers who wish to interview students and/or post a position with the CCC Gator Career Link database must comply with the following:

(a)     All applicable Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Affirmative Action requirements, all state and federal nondiscrimination requirements, and University of Florida Regulation 1.006.

(b)     All applicable state and federal laws and regulations while conducting recruitment efforts.

(c)     No fees of any kind will be charged to students or eligible alumni for applying, interviewing and/or securing positions posted for experience opportunities.

Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 9-29-75, Formerly 6C1-4.10, 6C1-4.010, Amended 4-3-15, 6-7-18.