Regulation Number: 4.027

Student Employment

Category: Student Life

Responsible Office: Vice President, Student Life



4.027 Student Employment.

(1)     Students desiring to work for the University of Florida must complete a general information data sheet and obtain a work permit.

(2)     All job openings are publicly displayed and all applicants are considered.

(3)     The Student Employment Office administers employment and payroll matters for University of Florida students only.

(4)     No student is permitted to actually begin work before sign-up is completed in the Student Employment Office.

(5)     Payroll appointment forms must be received by the Student Employment Office not later than 5:00 p.m. two (2) work days prior to the end of the pay period.

(6)     Students will be approved to work as follows:



Class Hours Allowable work hours each week Class Hours Allowable work hours each week
0-5 40 0-6 40
6-8 30 7-11 30
9-11 27 12-15 20
12+ 15-20 15-17 up to 15

Exceptions will be evaluated by petition, and variances approved based on existing circumstances.

(7)     Rates of pay for student employees are administered by uniform pay schedules developed by the Office for Student Financial Affairs in coordination with the Division of Human Resources.

(8)     Emergency payroll checks are approved and processed for any student missing the payroll due to error made by the Student Employment Office.

(9)     Employment verification is limited to place and length of employment. All other information released must be done at student request.

Specific Authority: 240.227(1) FS.

Law Implemented: 240.227(1), (3), (5), (7), 240.237 FS.

History: New 9-29-75, Amended 4-5-77, Formerly 6C1-4.27, Formerly 6C1-4.027, Amended

7-10-23 (technical changes only).