Regulation Number: 4.028

Financial Aid

Category: Enrollment Management

Responsible Office: Vice President and Associate Provost, Enrollment Management



4.028 Financial Aid.

(1)     The University of Florida administers all aid programs according to federal, state and institutional laws, policies, and guidelines and makes every effort to maximize the assistance to the extent of fund availability to all students who qualify and are eligible for financial aid without regard to race, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age or physical handicap. University of Florida loans, grants, scholarships and student employment programs eligibility requirements are determined by the President based on recommendations from the Student Financial Affairs Committee. This committee is appointed annually by the President, is composed of academic and administrative representation of the various colleges and departments of the University and includes four student members. The committee is responsible for: (a) evaluating student aid policy and recommending changes when needed to achieve the goals of the University; (b) making periodic review and evaluation of the Student Financial Affairs department’s administrative capability and recommending improvements; and (c) serving as an appeals body for student aid grievances.

(2)     Use of Financial Aid. Financial aid funds are used to assist students in pursuit of their higher education goals. The primary purpose of student aid is to provide financial resources to students who would otherwise be unable to attend school. The major uses for financial aid funds are to meet needy student requirements, academic programs, merit scholarships, and Affirmative Action. Funds to meet the goals of the University are obtained from the Student Financial Aid Fee, Other Personal Services (OPS) allocations, interest income, fee waivers, fines and penalties, foundation funds, and Charity Day Race proceeds.

(3)     Distribution of Financial Aid. The University of Florida, Office of Student Financial Affairs, will disseminate financial aid information to parents and students; provide financial aid applications beginning January 1 each year for the upcoming fall term; notify parents and students of their award eligibility; and keep records and statistical financial aid data for the University.

(a)     Need-Based Aid. Funds are distributed on a priority basis to students who apply after January 1 each year and who have a demonstrated financial need, as determined by a nationally recognized need-analysis system, and who complete all student aid application requirements. The optimum financial aid package varies considerably due to student classification, family financial status, availability of funds and application date. It is the objective of the Office for Student Financial Affairs to provide needy students with an equitable distribution of gift aid and self-help.

(b)     Academic Merit and No-Need Awards. Academic merit, or no-need assistance, is awarded to University of Florida students according to their academic standing, achievement test scores, or ability to contribute to the institution.

(c)    Affirmative Action. In support of the State of Florida and University of Florida Affirmative Action goals, special programs have been implemented that earmark financial aid (e.g., grants, scholarships, waivers) funds to support this effort.

(d)    Talent and Performance Awards. The University recognizes special student talents and qualities in artistic, athletic, technical and other areas, and awards scholarships, grants, and waivers for such contributions.

(4)     Applications for financial aid and the supporting parent/student financial information documents must be received by certain dates established by the Office for Student Financial Affairs. Such dates are announced by the Director of Student Financial Affairs through appropriate news media and other mass communications means in sufficient time to allow applicants to meet the established deadline. Funding of applicants who submit applications and financial documents after the established deadline is contingent upon appropriations and the availability of student aid funds. All undergraduate applicants must apply for the Federal Pell Grant, and all Florida resident undergraduate applicants must apply for the Florida Student Assistance Grant.

(5)     The Office for Student Financial Affairs requires the completion of a parent/student financial statement called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This document is produced by the Federal Department of Education. Requests for financial assistance are recognized upon receipt, by Student Financial Affairs, of results from the need analysis of information reported on the FAFSA, except in instances where State and Federal regulations specify other needs analysis systems or in situations where the Office for Student Financial Affairs agrees to accept equally reliable analysis documents.

(6)     Students must notify the Office for Student Financial Affairs of any change in their personal financial resources and that of their parents’ that might have a bearing on their financial aid award.

(7)     Eligibility for postponement of payment of University fees will be based on the projected arrival date of the resource from which fees are to be paid.

(8)     Petitions for review of decisions made by the Office for Student Financial Affairs will be accepted for the following reasons:

(a)     If student or parent disagrees with a decision of the office;

(b)     To provide supplemental information for purposes of amending a student’s original request.

(9)     Students may request a hearing with the following committees to appeal any action concerning their financial aid applications:

(a)     Students who elect to appeal a decision concerning their failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the policy established by the Student Financial Affairs Committee may request a hearing by the Academic Progress Appeals Committee.

(b)     Students who elect to appeal any other decision concerning their financial aid award or application may request a hearing by the Student Financial Affairs Committee.

Specific Authority: 240.227(1), 240.4042(2), 240.287 FS.

Law Implemented: 240.437, 240.4042, 240.287 FS.

History: New 9-29-75, Amended 4-5-77, 8-4-80, Formerly 6C1-4.28, Amended 12-28-87, 5-23-96, Formerly 6C1-4.028, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).