Regulation Number: 6.007

Qualifications and Appointment of County Extension Faculty

Category: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources




6.007 Qualifications and Appointment of County Extension Faculty.

(1) New appointees to any County Extension Director position must have a minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university. Degree major required varies with position and is determined by the Dean for Extension in cooperation with county government. In selecting directors, emphasis will be placed upon the candidate’s proven ability to organize, conduct, evaluate, and report on successful Extension programs through the program development process, his/her personality and disposition with regard to teaching and working with people, and his/her knowledge and ability to interpret and apply specific subject matter in a practical manner.

(2) For other faculty members, a Master’s degree is preferred. A Bachelor’s degree is required. Degree major requirements vary with the nature of the position and its subject matter. Organizational and teaching ability, personality, and the knowledge a candidate possesses are important factors in selection.

(3) Selection of County Extension Faculty —

(a) When a position becomes available within a County Extension Office, it will be the responsibility of the Florida Cooperative Extension Service to notify in writing the Chair of the Board of County Commissioners (or his/her designated representative) of the County in which the vacancy exists that the position is available.

(b) If no resolution, as provided for in 240.505(3), Fla. Stat., is received by the Florida Cooperative Extension Service, the Service shall recommend one (1) qualified candidate to the Board of County Commissioners and shall continue recommending persons until one (1) is selected.

(c) Upon receipt of a resolution from the Board of County Commissioners, the Florida Cooperative Extension Service shall send to the Chair of the Board of County Commissioners, or his/her designated representative(s), a list of three (3) or more qualified candidates (unranked) for the county faculty position, or so shall state that fewer than three (3) qualified candidates (unranked) are available and present those who are so qualified. If the candidates are rejected by the Board, the Extension Service will continue to forward lists of at least three (3) qualified candidates, if available, until a selection is made.

(4) If the County determines that it will not continue to contribute to an established County position, or if County support for a position is insufficient to attract or hold a qualified person, the Florida Cooperative Extension Service will terminate the position in that County. If the person occupying a terminated position has rendered creditable service and has permanent status, the Florida Cooperative Extension Service will offer a transfer to him/her if another appropriate vacancy exists and is available to be used for the appointment. If no appropriate vacancy exists, UF Regulation 1.017 Separations from Employment and Layoff, shall apply.


Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 9-29-75, Amended 8-15-78, 8-26-81, Formerly 6C1-6.007, Amended 3-17-17.