Regulation Number: 6.008

Faculty Evaluation

Category: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources




6.008 Faculty Evaluation.

(1) Each faculty member shall be evaluated annually. Unit administrators and District Extension Directors will complete the evaluation process including the prescribed evaluation forms by March 31 for all faculty. The Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources and/or each functional dean shall issue annually, or as needed, instructions about conducting the faculty evaluation including the prescribed evaluation forms.

(2) The evaluation for faculty members includes:

(a) A statement of situation prepared by the faculty member including the description of the position occupied in relation to long-range unit mission and goals.

(b) A statement of the annual goals and plan of work prepared by the faculty member.

(c) An annual faculty report of accomplishment statement prepared by the faculty member.

(d) An evaluation rating section including comments by both the faculty member and the unit administrator.

(3) The performance evaluation for each County Extension faculty member shall be conducted annually by the supervising District Extension Director in cooperation with the appropriate County Extension Director and/or other designated supervisor. The Dean for Extension will revise and issue additional instructions on performance evaluation annually or as needed. The performance evaluation criteria include (a) position description; (b) program development (planning, implementation, evaluation, and reporting); (c) affirmative action compliance-compliance review; (d) professional development and improvement activities; (e) working relationship; and (f) critical incidents that are notably good or unacceptable.


Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 9-29-75, Formerly 6C1-6.08, Amended 5-19-93, 6-28-98, Formerly 6C1-6.008, Amended 3-17-17.