Regulation Number: 6.0111

Insurance Coverage for Federal Appointees

Category: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources




6.0111 Insurance Coverage for Federal Appointees.

(1) Cooperative Extension employees, which include state and county extension faculty, having both state and federal appointments and participating in the Federal Civil Service Retirement System are eligible for both state and federal insurance coverage.

(2) Effective January 1, 1991, any Cooperative Extension employee meeting the criteria set forth in paragraph (1) above must select coverage from either the federal or state health insurance plans. This provision shall apply to current as well as future Cooperative Extension employees.


Specific Authority: 1001.74(4) FS.

Law Implemented: 1001.74(19), 1012.96 FS.

History: New 11-13-90, Amended 1-7-03, Formerly 6C1-6.0111, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).