Regulation Number: 6.013

Florida 4-H Youth Development Programs and Participation

Category: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources




6.013 Florida 4-H Youth Development Programs and Participation.

(1) The youth development component of the Cooperative Extension Service is the 4-H program. The Dean for Extension authorizes the use of the “4-H Club” name and emblem in Florida in accordance with Federal law.

(2) The purpose of 4-H is the development of youth through design and delivery of experiential programs that utilize the scientific knowledge and research of land grant universities.

(3) Programs are determined through educational needs assessments that include input from local communities, analysis of state and national trends and issues, availability of human and financial resources, current educational research, and expert faculty opinion.

(4) Program participants include children and youth, and adult volunteers who have an impact on the quality of life for Florida’s children and youth. The 4-H program is committed to non-discrimination in accordance with University of Florida Regulation 1.006. Participation may be limited based on age and/or developmental level pursuant to program guidelines as developed in subsection (5) below.

(5) Faculty authorized to use the “4-H Club” name and emblem establish and publish program guidelines, in consultation with appropriate county or state 4-H advisory groups and subject to approval by the Dean for Extension. Faculty may also establish program rules for competitive events.

(6) Institutions and organizations with which 4-H programs are cooperatively conducted, parents, or guardians or individual youth participating in 4-H community-based groups, must sign a statement of understanding that describes the program and conditions of participation, including costs.

(7)     While no membership or participation fee is required, fees may be charged for materials, appropriate health insurance coverage, or other expenses associated with the educational program as established by the Cooperative Extension Service.

(8) The 4-H volunteers working directly with youth will be screened utilizing procedures and standards consistent with federal and state laws.


Authority: BOG Regulation 1.001.

History: New 9-29-75, Formerly 6C1-6.013, Amended 5-19-93, 6-28-98, 5-30-04, Formerly 6C1-6.013, Amended 2-16-17 (technical changes only).