Regulation Number: 6.016

Visitation to or Use of Certain Facilities

Category: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Responsible Office: Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources



6.016 Visitation to or Use of Certain Facilities.

(1) Visitation to the Research and Education Centers or other IFAS managed properties in Florida:

(a) Members of the public wishing to tour the Research and Education facilities may do so provided they obtain permission in advance from a faculty member associated with the facilities and that when touring the facilities they are accompanied by an IFAS employee.

(b) Minor children, singly or in groups, when visiting the research centers, departments, or other IFAS research and education sites must be accompanied by parents or a responsible adult at all times.

(2) Use of IFAS facilities by outside groups is restricted to organizations that have direct research, extension or teaching programmatic relationships with IFAS. The University will charge maintenance or minor use fees to cover direct costs incurred from proposed uses.

(3) Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buildings 137, 142, and 1229 at the Austin Cary Memorial Forest are available for use as set forth in this subsection. Permission for such use must be obtained from the Director of the School of Forest Resources and Conservation. Fees for use shall be set as provided in Regulation 2.012(1), and the following priorities (modifying those set forth in Regulation 2.004, will be observed in scheduling these facilities:

(a) School of Forest Resources and Conservation programmatic activities;

(b) Other IFAS programmatic activities;

(c) School of Forest Resources and Conservation collaborators, cooperators, and related organizations, including the Division of Forestry, Florida Forestry Association, and the United States Forest Service, for their programmatic activities;

(d) Other University of Florida units for their programmatic activities;

(e) School of Forest Resources and Conservation and IFAS personnel; and

(f) Other persons.


Specific Authority: 1001.74(4) F.S.

Law Implemented: 1001.74(6) F.S.

History: New 9-29-75, Formerly 6C1-6.16, Amended 5-19-93, 6-28-98, 3-12-03, 1-11-05, Formerly 6C1-6.016, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).