Regulation Number: 7.050

Examinations and Assessments

Category: Academic Affairs

Responsible Office: Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs



7.050   Examinations and Assessments.

All examination and assessment instruments, including developmental materials and workpapers directly related thereto, (“Assessment instruments”), prepared, prescribed, or administered by the University are governed by this regulation.  The University shall develop, implement, and maintain appropriate system and safeguards that are designed to accomplish the following:

(a)        Protect the security and confidentiality of Assessment instruments from unauthorized access or disclosure;

(b)        Maintain the security of Assessment instruments through encrypted electronic means or secure storage, as applicable;

(c)        Require third-party contractors responsible for administering or proctoring examinations or assessments to comply with this regulation;

(d)       Destroy obsolete Assessment instruments pursuant to University records retention schedules; and

(e)       Define permissible access to, or authorized disclosure of, Assessment instruments to faculty, staff, and students outside of the regular examination or testing process.

Authority:  BOG Regulation 3.005.

Law Implemented:  119.07, 1008.23, FS.

History: New 3-17-23.