Regulation Number: 7.055

Last Week of Class Examination and Assignment Policy

Category: Academic Affairs

Responsible Office: Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs




7.055 Last Week of Class Examination and Assignment Policy.

(1)     Policy – In the fall and spring semesters, faculty members or instructors shall not schedule final or comprehensive examinations or assign projects or term papers during the period comprising the last three days of classes and the reading days scheduled after classes end and before final examinations begin. Take home final or comprehensive examinations shall not be due prior to the regularly scheduled examination period. Written papers and/or oral presentations and periodic testing announced in the course syllabus distributed at the first class meeting may be collected or presented during the last three days of classes provided they do not serve as a final examination. The intent of this policy is to ensure that students be free to concentrate on classroom work for all courses taken and begin to review for final examinations in the week prior to final examinations. It is the responsibility of chairmen and deans to ensure that this policy is followed in their college, department and/or unit.

(2)     Changes in Examination Schedule – All changes in the published Examination Schedule must be approved by the University Curriculum Committee via the Office of Academic Affairs. Requests for time changes must be justified, and include a specific statement of the effects on the students of such a change. The rescheduled date must fall within the designated examination schedule.

(3)     Laboratory sections of courses are exempt from the above policy upon notification by the instructor or chairmen to the Office of Academic Affairs, provided that:

(a)      the laboratory final examination requires the use of laboratory equipment;

(b)      the laboratory final examination has traditionally been given at the last meeting of the laboratory; and

(c)      the laboratory final examination is not a substitute for the final examination in the course.


Specific Authority: 229.0081(2) FS

Law Implemented: 229.0082(7) FS

History: New l2-9-75, Amended 3-26-80, 3-6-85, Formerly 6C1-7.55, Amended 6-27-02, Formerly 6C1-7.055, Amended 7-10-23 (technical changes only).