Regulation Number: 7.100

Academic Program Termination and Temporary Suspension of New Enrollments

Category: Academic Affairs

Responsible Office: Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs




7.100 Academic Program Termination and Temporary Suspension of New Enrollments.

(1)     Academic Program Termination.

(a)     To ensure the efficient use of state programs and maintain the quality and relevancy of academic programs offered at the University of Florida, programs may be terminated pursuant to Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation 8.012. Reasons for terminating an academic program may include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Enrollments are no longer sufficient to justify the cost of instruction, facilities, and equipment;

2. The program duplicates other offerings at the University;

3. Faculty or other resources are no longer sufficient to deliver a high-quality program;

4. The program is no longer aligned with the mission or strategic goals of the University, or is no longer aligned with the strategic goals of the BOG; or

5. The program no longer meets the needs of the citizens of Florida in providing a viable education or occupational objective.

(b)     In accordance with BOG Regulation 8.002, the University may not terminate a program funded through the Education and General budget entity in order to operate an identical or similar self-supporting or market tuition rate program at the same degree level.

(c)     Determining degree programs that are candidates for termination must follow the process established by the Office of the Provost, which includes review by the appropriate curriculum, financial, and administrative councils of the University. The process includes the following steps, together with additional notices and approvals as determined by the University:

1. The request will be submitted using the BOG, State University System of Florida, Academic Degree Program Termination Form which can be found at

2. The request will be submitted for review and approval by:

    • Department Chair or designee;

    • College Dean or designee;

    • University Curriculum Committee (undergraduate), Graduate Council (graduate) or other appropriate curriculum committee;

    • Faculty Senate;

    • Chief Diversity Officer;

    • Director of accreditation;

    • Academic Affairs;

    • Board of Trustees (BOT);

    • BOG; and

    • Office of the University Registrar.

3. The Termination Form shall include a plan to accommodate any students or faculty who are currently active in the program to be terminated.

4. Notice will be provided by the Office of the Provost to the Florida College System (FCS) institutions that the University has begun the process of terminating a baccalaureate program so that FCS students may be advised appropriately.

5. A process must be included with the Termination Form to evaluate and mitigate any potential negative impact the proposed termination may have on current representation of students and faculty at the time of the proposed termination.

(d)     The BOT has the responsibility and authority to approve termination of degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels with the exception of master’s degree programs in nursing, which must be approved by the BOG in accordance with BOG Regulation 8.008. Upon termination of a degree program by the BOT, the University will submit to the BOG, a request for termination prior to the start of the effective term. Upon resolution of any outstanding issues by the program’s termination, the change will be added to the State University System Academic Degree Program Inventory, and a letter of notification shall be provided to the University.

(e)     The BOT must approve the termination prior to the start of the effective term.

(2)     Temporary Suspension of New Enrollments in an Academic Program.

The University may temporarily suspend new enrollments in active programs in accordance with BOG Regulation 8.012(2).


Authority: BOG Regulation 8.012

History: New 4-22-22, Amended 3-17-23.